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At my editor’s request I am building a wiki. Till then we have this. I hope it’s useful to you.

Aerie: pronounced [ AIR-ee], villages of the Chymaera, forbidden to other races to enter; usually on top of mountains or trees, named by its sigil

Anach: pronounced [ Ay-nack], the ancient citadel of the Majesterium

Apokrypha: the sacred writings of the Conclave

Arc: the Moon, it didn’t exist before the War of the Wyrm.

Arcanum: the teaching of the Conclave regarding the Song

Caprice: pronounced [ Kah-prees], mysterious oracles in Siarad

Chymaera: pronounced [ ky-MEER-ah], elusive race of shape-changing humanoids bound to the Song

Cyntae: pronounced [ Seen-tay], the First Ones, immortal protectors

Cyntaf: pronounced [SEEN-tov], one of the four sigils of the Chymaera

deema: pronounced [deem-ah], term of endearment, title for a gnomic guardian

deemae: pronounced [ dee-may], – generic term for a human whose family is protected by a gnome

deemling: those under a gnomes protection, a term of relationship. Bell is Jax’s deemling; also plural, more than one deemling is deemling

Derbyn: [dar-bun] Accepted, a Chymaera that can transform

dewin: pronounced [day -oo-in], wizard

Domini: first of the Cyntae

Doran: Eighth of the Cyntae

Draig: pronounced [ DRAY-g], one of the four sigils of the Chymaera (transform into winged drakes)

Equis: pronounced [EK-wiss] one of the four sigils of the Chymaera, also known as March.(transform into winged horses)

fae: the Lost Ones, ghostlike beings known for mischief and magic

faisant: pronounced [fay- SOHN], fae who have been ritually bound to a dewin. This process makes a dewin into a Majister

Faron: Fourth of the Cyntae

grotesque: pronounced [ GROW-tesk], an animated stone figure made by the Chymaera. There are three types of grotesques in Canard; Watchers, Speakers and Takers. Takers and Watchers are fixed, Speakers can move from place to place. Speakers only function in the Sundered Cities and in the Aeries. Takers have no power to speak, they serve as refuse removal with limited observational power.

heartfire: the central essence of the Chymaera

Lalo: Sixth of the Cyntae

March: one of the four sigils of the Chymaera, also known as equis.(transform into winged horses)

Matins: pronounced [ MAH-tun], morning songs

Miah: Third of the Cyntae

pitch: octagonal space where a Chymaera works

Profi: [PRO-vi] Unproven, Chymaera that cannot transform yet

Pryf: pronounced [ pruf], outcast from the Chymaera, unable to transform, vermin

Renato: second of the Cyntae

Siarad: pronounced [ SHA-rod], the former headquarters of the Majesterium, the Tower of Anach was here

Sigil: pronounced [sih-gel] loosely translated, a tribe. A representation and servant of particular Cyntae

Signet: the stone vessel of a Chymaera

Sign of the Arc: gesturing to form a crescent over your head from your right shoulder to your left. It represents the arc of the moon and protection.

Solimon: Fifth of the Cyntae

Tieson: Seventh of the Cyntae

Vespers: evening songs

Wyn: pronounced [oo-win], one of the four sigils of the Chymaera (transform into gryphons)

Guys, also take note of this. In architecture, a chimera or grotesque is a fantastic or mythical figure used for decorative purposes. Chimerae are often described as gargoyles, although the term gargoyle technically refers to figures carved specifically as terminations to spouts which convey water away.

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