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Hi,  I’m glad you’re here.

I’m a gamer, a grandma, a wife, a business owner, a geek, a fan, a hero, a villain, a mom and a friend.  I work in design and marketing to pay the bills. I started learning to play violin last year when I began my manuscript, in order to better write about music. My lovely daughter, as it happens, is a talented sculptor. My husband and son play guitar and I hope one day to get them to play with me.

I’ve been writing for 16 years. My work has appeared on numerous websites and blogs, and one essay collection, all nonfiction boring techie stuff. I’ve also been a public speaker. Now, I’m trying my hand at fiction. I started a few years ago and am furiously editing the first book. I have 4 books planned and 3 outlined.

Favorite authors: Lewis, Jordan, Tolkien, Rothfuss, Sullivan, Lawrence, Modissett, Pratchett, Adams, Eddings, Butcher and Williams. Susan Cooper, Madeleine L’Engle, Anne McCaffrey, Ursula LeGuin, Patricia Wrede, Lloyd Alexander, Guy Gavriel Kay  I also quite enjoy the odd Dean R Koontz book. (Pun intended.) If you don’t know these names get to reading. I’ll wait.

No, I do not yet have an agent or publisher and no I am not hell-bent on indie publishing. I just own a marketing company, and am a designer. So it is sorta an easy step for me to take and I’m not afraid of it. I am seeking an agent and traditional publisher when I finish writing. If that doesn’t happen then I’ll go indie.

I live within spitting distance of Louisville, Kentucky. I drive a Mini that is affectionally known as the CARDIS (it’s bigger on the inside) and am an Anglican (ACNA), not an Episcopalian. Yes there is a difference. They let me teach the children every week and I am plotting to introduce the kids to Aslan and Tumnus asap.

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9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi, I was reading your book on wattpad, I logged today and I saw sorrowfish was missing from my library. Long story short, I ended up here and I read the part about there being some kinda group where I can still get to read it. I’d love to be added and secondly I quite admire your decision to leave I really don’t know much about the whole planned parenting stuff but I know I’m against abortions and even if that’s the only wrong they are involved in I’m happy that you stand against such things. By the way my username on wattpad was @osayukiBJ

    1. Yuki I’m so glad you reached out!! I was literally trying to find you in my followers list just now. I’m trying to send info to anyone I know that was actively reading. YES I will add you to the group.

  2. Love your website! it’s me, your wattpad pal American Bruja. Just curious, but is the website field for my website? Happy to provide it:-)

    1. Yes ma’am actually I just want to make a resource section to add and Link back to my lovely writer friends

  3. Hey there, pretty lady! Thought it was high time I drop by and see how you’re doing. And yup, I’ve also applied to join in with the beta reading.

    Two words: gnomes’ hats! (-;

    Love the look of your site, by the way: very crisp & clean, and even runs smoothly on my bogged-down phone. 😀

    Well, got a busy day of reading & critiquing ahead, so I’ll be seeing you.

    Hugs & kisses!

    1. Squeeeeeeee I’m so excited!!! Don’t work too hard. I know better than to actually believe you won’t. But I’ll say it anyhow. Tyvm for checking out my site. 😁

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