I did it. I queried.

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I submitted one query to one agent. He’s the only agent I want so I hope he responds. I want him because:

  1. He referenced Max Perkins
  2. He represents some brilliant writers whose work I love.
  3. After months of researching agents, I think it’s likely he might be the only person capable of understanding my wacky book and what I’m doing.

So I’ll see.

Self-publishing is respectable. I can definitely do it and am okay with doing it. More than okay. But I wanted to give traditional publishing one shot. Total shot in the dark. It’s a hail Mary.

Now don’t spit your soda all over the screen (that means you Ahsoka!) but I did say this in my query letter.

“If The House Between the Worlds by Marion Zimmer Bradley and The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss had a weird love child raised by Terry Pratchett, you’d have this book. “

Which is perfectly true. So hopefully, if nothing else, I made him laugh. That’s not a small thing.

If I actually hook him, I’m going to make him lentil soup.

Wish me luck.


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