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Want to read the completed Sorrowfish for FREE?

Right now there are two ways to do this. You can head on over to Wattpad and check it out as I post the revision and give me feedback. This is revision number 4 and there may be a couple more before it goes to actual press.

I’m not asking for free editing or Beta readers.  I’m asking if you want to be an official Advance Reader for me when the book is ready to launch, pretty please?  Here’s how it works: I’ll send you a free copy of the electronic version of the book. My hope is that you will consider reading it and honestly reviewing it for me on your blog, any social media platform, Amazon or Goodreads within one week of launch. Yes, even if you hate it! I’ll send it to you a few months ahead of time so you have time to read it. I want to adhere to the Amazon guidelines which state:

Encourage readers to leave customer reviews. If you’re providing a free advance reader copy of your book to a potential reviewer, make sure you’re both following Amazon’s Customer Review Creation Guidelines for Paid Reviews. You can’t require a review in exchange or attempt to influence the review. For more information, see our Community Guidelines.

I want only honest and real reviews. You are NOT required to review to receive an advanced reader copy of the book, though I will appreciate any honest review or feedback you do give. 

My launch mailing list shall only be used to announce the launch of new work. If you sign up, you will not be spammed.



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