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Ask anyone who knows me. They will tell you I am opinionated. Sometimes extremely so. But this year I had the opportunity to work with people who think the opposite of me. It was really hard at first. I was sort of angry with God that He would ask me to do it. So when I said yes and proceeded, it meant I couldn’t cling to my opinions and prejudices. I had to get into the head and heart of this person to do my job (writing a memoir). I had to pray a lot.

It was a rescue. I didn’t know it when it started, but the job kept me from hatred. Instead I had to love. And I do love my client! I really do.

Hatred is insidious. It can start as an angry comment and fester. It can become something you don’t even realize affects you until you’re in its grip fully. Ask yourself. Have you given a person a nasty label lately?

“Libtard, Magat, Histophobic phobo-phobe. Racist.”

Yes. But everyone does it.

Do they? Does that make it right?

Now I still do not agree with the opinions or positions of the other side. But I do understand them. But most of all, I see those who hold those opinions as people. People with wrong ideas, maybe! But people. The people aren’t bad because they hold opposite ideas. They don’t transform into orcs or goblins. I can’t label them. I certainly can’t hate them.

I don’t think I would have come to this place, if I hadn’t had this project to work on. If I didn’t walk in another man’s shoes, literally, I would have held onto my prejudices. I’m not proud of that. I’m confessing it, now. To you.

All of that to say, Twitter and Facebook have kicked me off their platforms. Disabled my accounts. There was no warning, no explanation given and no appeal. I was not a person who spoke politically often on those accounts. When I did, it was almost always to explain why I am pro-life.

I am unapologetically pro-life. I had an abortion at the age of 15. I now speak at Right to Life conferences about my experience to try to convince others that yes, the “mass of cells” within them is actually a baby. It is. (I discovered this fact too late.) This deception, that abortion is all right, is one of the biggest deceptions ever propagated. I fell for it. One of the biggest sorrows of my life is the fact that I aborted that child. In my defense, I will tell you that I honestly did not know until I saw the ultrasound. I was given an ultrasound minutes before they wheeled me into the holding room with all of the other girls. We were lined up on our gurneys, waiting. Stacked.

Anyhow. you can argue with me all day long. I will still tell you, abortion is murder. I know because I did it.

I really didn’t understand until then. I now help other girls who feel remorseful, with the aftermath. They are legion. They need the message that you can find forgiveness and hope after doing such a horrible thing. And I’m glad to do it. The aftermath is intense.

I have spoken with people who were raped and are not remorseful. I understand that too. I weep with them and pray for them.

But yes, I am pro-life. Rabidly and unapologetically.

And I can’t judge another person for being deceived. I can’t judge anyone. Ever. For anything.

Anyhow. So if you want to find me on social media, I’m afraid you’ll need to go to my author page on Facebook, which is still active. I will not be on Twitter. I am however on MeWe and Goodreads and Gab. You can always visit my website.


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  1. If more people could listen and love without judging we would all be so much better off. Thank you!!

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