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I’ll get right to it. Tim is the real deal.

I have signed up for a few paid courses, the first was Ads for Authors with Mark Dawson. I knew Tim Grahl from following the Story Grid and Stephen Pressfield. So I went to a webinar Tim offered for free. His Author 101 course is similar to one of Mark’s programs, but I opted to try his instead. I’m glad I did.

Both courses focus on creating an author platform and implementing a marketing plan. I went with Tim’s this time because he showed me some creativity in his own email marketing.

You see, one of the things Tim does well, and maybe the most important thing?  Is email. He uses it in a clever way, making it interactive. I won’t tell you how he does that. Go sign up for a freebie from him and you will find out.

It’s very effective.

Tim believes marketing is about “making longlasting connections and being relentlessly helpful.”

I agree. His Author 101 program is a system he’s developed and tested with multiple authors. It works. I’m about 1/3 of the way through the lessons and have already gotten several specific and actionable ideas to implement. For instance, do not have your email list form pop up more than once. Set a 20 second delay on it.  I like that.

The course is worth taking.  It’s easy to follow, well-executed and very informative. Tim offers several freebies on his site as well. Check them out and if you take the course let me know what you learned in the comments. Or send me a tweet. I love hearing from you guys.

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