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UPDATE: They did fix my listing for the next mailing.

So I used a sale they had and bought a LibraryBub. Three actually. That was the sale. LibraryBub will send out my book to around 9k libraries in the USA. LibraryBub chose to use a Goodreads reader review rather than my Kirkus review and did not include my award in the listing. Epic fail. Simply epic. I would ask for my money back if I’d paid for just one mailing. But at this point, I think it’s hilarious. So I sent them the Kirkus review (in big letters) along with my award and we’re going to hope they get it right this time.

But just in case they don’t, I did find a library mailing list for about $25 and can use it instead.

Ask me how I feel about emailing those libraries on my own.

But you know? If even a few of them bite. It is worth it. I want my readers to be able to access the book. I have it on Overdrive. They can order it through Ingram. I’m going to be pushy.

I also have an ad coming up through Lorehaven. I gotta design that and turn it in this week.

And then I’ve been contacting reviewers and indie bookshops. The reviewers have been not-so-responsive, though one that I hollered at last June did get back to me with a guest blog opportunity. It’s an LDS mom writing to teens. If any of you have ideas on what I should write, let me know. I’m thinking on doing a rant about grimdark, honestly. 🙂

The indie bookshops have largely ignored me. Which is okay. I’ll keep going till I am done with my list. Just gotta pray harder.

I’ve also done my first voice coaching session. We are working on Google Hangouts which I’ve done for years and somehow my settings got screwed up so I couldn’t screenshare. I have it sorted out now. But strange how that happened. Gremlins. sigh.

Constant vigilance.

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  1. The very first Bible verse I prayed with – for a long time – (and it felt even longer than it was, it felt like eons) – was Luke 11 5-10. Persistence! Keep it up friend, keep knocking! Sooner or later the doors will open.

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