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My book launches on September 3. Panic has set in. I have a small budget for my launch and I think have made the most of it. Here’s what I’ve done, so far. For posterity…and because I know others will care.

I built a web site for the book, which I think turned out pretty well. I like it. I added games, a playlist and a movie misquote list. I had an ARC group. I think 2 people out of the 17 ARC readers have actually posted reviews, but I’m grateful for that. I contacted around 50 bloggers for reviews. I have two of those coming. One currently has the e-book and the other will be mailed my paperback on Monday. I also bought a Kirkus review. Pricey. If it’s terrible, I won’t use it. But I needed to know what they thought. has given me a marketing package (I won it in a contest they had!) and that includes a review as well. I’ve also paid for something with the Awesome Gang. I think an email blast. It wasn’t expensive, $10. I have an interview I did with them here. I’ve done one Facebook ad for $25 and got 25 clicks and two subscribers. Now I’m running another Facebook ad, $5 a day until launch, with my book trailer. Just trying to build my email list. And last but not least, I joined a list builder group. It’s kinda neat. I don’t know how much it will work? But it’s worth a shot.

The way the list builder works is the group hosts a giveaway package of Princess Bride merchandise. People give their email address to enter and I think have to visit our web sites as well? I don’t know. Anyhow. They do that and at the end we get to split the emails. We are supposed to get 3-4k emails each. I hope it works.

I’ve added my book to the announce list on /r/fantasy Reddit. I’ve posted my book trailer to Facebook groups. Basically if someone lets me add a link, I do.

I know the best thing is my email list. I just have a teeny tiny list. But that’s ok. I’m doing what I can. I’ll run AMS ads after I launch.

And that’s it. That will be my launch. If I get the audio done at the same time it will be a miracle. But I’m going to try. So far I have 77 preorders, with about 20 more people have told me they are ordering. That’s good! I’d like to hit 100, but I’ll take what I get.

Honestly, I just want people to read it. I hope it blesses them. I’m praying for my readers, that they get good things out of the book.

Eucatastrophe. That’s the goal.

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