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Hi guys. So yesterday I made the decision to leave Wattpad. I’d been counseled to do so before by an editor friend, my husband and multiple writers that I respect. I actually did leave, then came back because I really really love one book club and the people in it. Shout out to #NBR, you will always be special to me.

But then Wattpad decided to partner with a brand that I cannot stomach for any reason, in any capacity. Their ads appear between chapters of all books on the mobile app. If they didn’t,  I might have rationalized staying.  I’m horribly heartbroken over this, as I really loved the site and supported it before now. (That’s why I stayed despite multiple people counseling me to leave.) I no longer can support them.

But lets not dwell on the negative! I’m certainly not.

The Good News

You can still read my work. I’ve got a private group set up on Google Plus for the purpose of allowing those who wish to read my book as I write it. Give me a ping here and I’ll add you. One caveat: if I don’t know you, I may vet you. Be warned. Also you can join a crit group that I’m part of, the link is in the sidebar, Plotters of Dreams. It’s a great group and you’ll benefit from it, without having to worry about giving away publishing rights or plagiarism. Give me a shout and let me know if you apply.

Even Better News

Some of you might know that I’m a web designer by day. I’ll be pouring all of my Wattpad energy into my website and social media presence, building my platform as an author. I will publish, whether it is via KDP or a trade publisher, and would like that piece already in place. I’m hoping to do some really fun things here and will let you all see what’s in my head as I go through the journey of finishing my first book.

The BEST News

Hopefully I will be wrapping the first book of the series during CampNano in July. We shall see, but I promise to keep you posted. That means manic editing will come next.

What if You Promised me a Review?

If I promised you a review, you will still get it. I just can’t let my content fuel clicks on Wattpad. I believe I have three reviews left on my list. They will still happen.

So, I’ll be editing my book trailer to change the Wattpad references and working on a few other promotion-related projects, but if you haven’t yet, Follow me on Twitter. 

And that’s the latest! Leave a comment if you just want to drop me a note and stay in touch!

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