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Trying to finish my first draft of book 2 this November. I won a writing retreat for the week of Nov 4 and will be in Vermont working on it, but I’m also trying to finish my edits on the ghost book before Nov 4. Which is fun. But today I am doing Nano prep.

Which, for me, means mapping out the next book and praying.

I don’t know how other writers work. I only know how I work. And when my mind blanks, I pray. My latest big prayer has been “The battle belongs to the LORD.” Whenever I get stuck, I say it. At the beginning of the year I was given the verse and it has become my go to. It’s a rescue. Today, I have said it a lot.

It’s true!

I also have prayed a lot of Ransomed Heart prayers. The Daily Prayer is my jam.

My book maps are just spreadsheets with what I know has to happen on them. I take what I know has to happen from my inital poem. The Lorica. So yes, my outline is a poem. (I know. Right? Can I be more of a nerd? ) But anyhow. I wrote some on book 2 today and now I’m trying to map out the third book and make sure I’m not completely off base as I head into it. I’m 70k words into book 2 and I want to finish it and get into book 3 this Nano.

Yes, I did this for Sorrowfish. But sometimes bears showed up.

I leave room for the bears.

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