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I’ve made  a million mistakes. These are the things that have helped me grow. Don’t worry, the list will be added to as I doubt very much I’ll ever reach perfection. No, I don’t have affiliate links and don’t get anything from my recommendations. These are just honestly the best things I’ve found.

I live in a world of digital marketing and ads, this site shall be free of them. I will do a separate page for those wanting to learn about the world of self publishing, eventually. For now, join the 20booksto50k Facebook group. It’s free. Go to their resources and start reading. 

The War of Art – Steven Pressfield
There’s an excerpt at the link and the book is available on audio as well as trade and ebook. It’s a short read and it’s essential. Just go buy it and all the sequels. Seriously. Nobody Wants to Read your Sh*t is the fourth book and it might be my favorite.  If you’re a writer, these books will make you better.

Lateral Action – Mark McGuinness
Mark is a poet and creative coach and he is absolutely brilliant. I cannot recommend his free email course (Creative Pathfinders) enough. His books are pretty amazing as well. I’ve done a course he offered on money for creatives and it was well worth it.  I’m a fangirl for a reason.

Story Audiobook – Robert McKee
This is on screenwriting but it applies. McKee charges a metric ton of money for a seminar on Story to Hollywood types. Pressfield went to it and talks about it in his books (above) So some of what he says is shaped by this guy. But you can get this audio for $15 and it will teach you more in a few hours than you can learn at many universities in years.

Literary Alchemy. Just start googling it. 

First Five Pages program by Michael J Sullivan
Michael is an incredibly helpful and giving writer. I also love his characters, Hadrian and Royce. His books are the type I really enjoy and when I saw that he would crit my first five pages, I jumped on it. He helped me immensely.

Inkslinger Editorial Services
This lady is brilliant and caring and does too much. I almost hate to give her name out, but if you need a freelance editor (both copyediting and structural) then she’s the one I recommend. She’s the real deal as far as geekiness goes too so fantasy and scifi genres are safe in her hands.

Brandon Sanderson’s Videos 2020
This is the class Brandon teaches at BYU. Whole thing on video, free.
Watch it!!

Okay, I know I have forgotten a few but I’ll be back when I remember. Tweet me if you have some to add.