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So I have a marketing plan. It’s basically going to revolve around getting reviews with some advertising. But first I gotta make some freebies and some lead magnets. Which is fun. I want to give people things they will really like. Mostly my freebies will be deleted scenes or outtakes or stories or what have you.

I’m going to send out a survey to my ARC people and ask for their favorite quotes. I’m making a page of shareable images with the quotes on them so people can share easily. That will be fun.

The first freebie is going to be…I think a few short stories about Tabor and the Spinners because they are awesome. Everyone loves Tabor, myself included. I’m getting some of my maps printed and I think I want to do some coffee mugs or something. I like swag. I wont do too many but setting up some sort of thing from Zazzle or whatever won’t be terribly difficult. Then I’ll have swag to send for people who are especially awesome. And people can buy it if they want.

Then the other thing I wanna do is my Tafl game. I’ve downloaded some open source code and am going to mess with it, see if I cant get my stones game running. I might work on a poster.

I want to have a reader group too …but not on Facebook. I dont want to give Facebook one cent and I dont want to give money to Google either. Amazon is a necessary evil. I’d much rather pay them than Facebook though. Amazon actually produces products, does things for people. Anyhow. I’m thinking about it. I might just put up a discussion forum on my site and that will be that. I can’t tell you how much I hate Facebook. LOL.

What kinds of freebies do you guys like to get?

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