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I have a date for my book to launch! September 3, 2019. A mere 2 years and 2 months after I finished the first draft. I am consoled about my slowness by two thoughts. We are still waiting for Kingkiller 3 so I’m faster than Mr. Rothfuss. And hopefully the book two will be quicker since I won’t be quite such a noob and trial to the best editor in the world.

So you may check it out on Goodreads here. You may follow me as an author on Goodreads here. You may like my new Facebook Page here.

But the coolest thing is the new web site!! Check it out!

For those of you wondering, yes there will be an audio book and I’m 30k words into book 2. I have 3 books planned in this series then a prequel series planned, likely three books as well. To stay updated on all the things, join my official mailing list here. You won’t be spammed. I’m really not that organized. LOL.

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