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So last week as a family we dealt with a big sad. Emily’s father died and it was very painful for everyone. I’ve been remarried for almost 20 years but even for me it was a horrible event. Heartbreaking. Painful. Sometimes, when you have a big sad, you need a big happy. I am not just saying that. All things come from His hand and sometimes you must ask for a happy. I did ask for this. I just have to say thank you.

God gave me a really big happy for this week. Praise Him!

We are not Disney people. I know it sounds strange but for the most part, we just aren’t. BUT Universal? Oh yeah. We are all over that. From dinosaurs to Dr. Seuss. Tomorrow, my husband and I fly to Orlando to go to Universal Studios. His parents gave us a week anywhere as a Christmas present. So great!

We are going to Harry Potter world and I for one could not be more thrilled. It’s my first trip to Harry Potter world. We went years ago when the kids were smaller, in 2004 maybe? But this is our first trip since then.

We have a condo with a full kitchen so we can get groceries. We have 5 day passes and trolley passes and we have picked out our wands. (Mine is sycamore with a dragon heartstring core) We have reservations at Mythos. We have plans for butterbeer. Rodney is Gryffindor and I am Ravenclaw. And yes, we will play at Jurassic Park. We will play at Dr Seuss world. My husband shall have his Krusty Burger.

We are going to enjoy all the things. We are going to scout and gather ideas to bring the grandchildren and their parents next year. We are going to have a little honeymoon time. I can’t even believe it.

Anyhow. I just wanted to say thank you to the Lord for this gift. Even though his parents gave us the free week, things do not always work out for us to be able to do what we want to do. It did this time. What a gift!
I’m so excited!

UPDATE: Vacation pictures here!

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