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I sent my last round of edits to the editor yesterday. She is doing a light edit (because I’m pretty please begging) for her to do it so it is out in time for Christmas. So if it isn’t good, it is my fault.

But hopefully y’all will like it. I really hope so.

It’s a middle book. A lot happens, but we by no means come to a conclustion in this one. You will learn a ton however. It’s a middle book so there is SO MUCH to take from this. I will tell you that keeping your eye on the ball is important. In this case, keep your eye on the poem that guides this series.


Update: Book 2 was live on Christmas, in ebook form. I promised to have the paperback done and up the next day and failed miserably. I have way too much family to do anything but Christmas on Christmas. Sigh. I ended up cooking for my two children and four grandchildren. Giving them their presents and then playing until they were exhausted. We also went to church, the Christmas Eve service and then the St Stephen’s Day service (Boxing Day) I teach children’s church and it was lovely. Then on Boxing Day I picked up my sister and drove to my mother’s house out of the blue. We were supposed to do a family thing but it got cancelled and we did that instead. Mom is aging and sometimes can’t do what she would like. This turned out lovely though and was very special.

Today I rested. I shall try my best to have the paperback up tomorrow. <3

But if you really must read it NOW, you can download it here.

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