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So some of you might have noticed the Epilogue of Sorrowfish. Wherein an elderly gentleman instructs Bastien to “Bring [Sara] to Los Angeles soon.” Really guys? no curiosity about that?


and you know I love conspiracy theories. LOVE THEM. These are fantastic plot fodder. I used several when writing Sorrowfish. Can you imagine I would do less when writing Draig? or the rest of my novels?

So anyhow. LA is the home of Hollywood, where Sara wants to work one day. Bastien works there now and I would assume his Wryneck Workshop has mulitple projects going. Hollywood is also notoriously steeped in all sorts of crazy conspiracy theories. My favorite of these regards The Getty and what the heck is under there. Any ideas? Stephen D Kelley? Got any theories for me?

So my Cognoscenti are thinly veiled Illuminati-figures. The difference between them is the Cognoscenti have been dedicated to crushing and hiding the truth about Canard and fae/faisant. (Lots of paintings under the Getty, inspired by dreams) They are also attempting to harness the Dissonance for themselves, to use it for their own profit. All of this will unfold throughout the rest of the series. Honestly, I’m deeply considering writing Sara books separately and adding all of that and keeping the focus on Canard through the rest of the stories. We shall see. But I have been studying quite a bit about groups who could serve as templates for my cognoscenti

Veeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrry interesting.

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