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I kind of think I can’t write anymore until I do what I said I would. I gotta spend about 3 days critting and leaving some reviews. There’s a simple principle. If you want to receive you must give. It’s selfish and manipulative to give because you  want to receive. I admit that. But I gotta start somewhere.

I’m stuck but I won’t wallow in it, I’ll give. It will unstick me. Even if it doesn’t, I’ll at least have done something useful. No it’s not an excuse to procrastinate further. Really.

Heard this today, it reminds me of the last chapter in Sorrowfish.

“Gather my broken fragments to a whole … Let mine be a merry, all-receiving heart, but make it a whole, with light in every part.” – George MacDonald

Nanowrimo starts next week and I need to get my outline done.

I have my goals in. I know what happens. But the outline is eluding me. I’m peering into shadows. I see dim forms that frustrate and just end up squinty.

Honestly I want to write straight through and do the next two books because I dont think I can finish editing Sorrowfish till I do. idk.

Am going to start running today too. There’s something about running that parallels this writing thing. Something about pressing in when you don’t feel like  it and think you can’t. Then euphoria.  I’ve only had that euphoria once, running. But it was enough.

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2 thoughts on “Critting and reviews

  1. “There’s a simple principle. If you want to receive you must give. It’s selfish and manipulative to give because you want to receive. I admit that. But I gotta start somewhere.”

    I really think that’s too much of a generalization. Granted, there are indeed some circumstances where there may be something of a conflict of interest or you need to be very clear on why you’re doing something.

    As an example, if someone is in an abusive/unhealthy relationship but you’re also interested in them yourself, you need to be very clear internally that any advice you give is motivated by the desire to help them rather than a desire to end their current relationship so they can start one with you.

    I think I’m pretty pragmatic about it in general, though. I don’t really think of it as an all-or-nothing deal. Helping people is how you build karma and relationships, after all.

    As another example, I think of the writing webinars I’ve been attending. They’ve given out a great deal of free help and information, but they also contain the sales aspect where the host does hope that you will purchase a course or event with them. The way I view it, they want to help people both through the free and the paid resources, but of course are also hoping to make money as well.

    I really think you’re beating yourself up too much over it. And I’m sure part of your motivation here is also to help others. It really doesn’t need to be a choice between being actions that are 1,000% percent altruistic versus 1,000% self-focused. Heck, in a way it’s kinda ideal if you can simultaneously help both yourself and others rather than having to choose just one or the other.

    There are situations where a factor of manipulation and the things you’re worried about could come in, but I don’t think that’s the case here. (-:

    1. ha, well it’s more of a self-check.

      I think why we do something is as important as what we do. The motive matters. I see a little bit of that selfish crap in there. I’ll likely have to deal with it. 🙂 If even the possibility is there, I gotta admit it.

      that whole confession thing.

      but it is hard because if you know the “give principle,” it’s hard not to succumb to the manipulate thing. The key is probably expectations. I think this is likely why Jesus said not to let your left hand know what your right hand was doing. 😛 the self can be insidious.

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