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I’ve been dealing with my second draft and I knew it needed something. I knew it was missing the weight I wanted and I knew I needed massive changes. Overhaul. The Longsuffering Editrix® tried in her ever so subtle way to explain what it was. I didn’t get it. I’m obtuse sometimes.

Then I read Blood Song.

Bloody hell.

Sometimes you need to shown, not told. If you haven’t read it, then you won’t understand and if you have then I don’t need to explain myself.

On the one hand, I’m delighted to see what I have to do. On the other hand, there’s a real mixture of envy (lime green and pulsating) and admiration for Mr Ryan and then a large part of me wants him to never have existed because he’s consigned me to a purgatory of rewriting until I do what has to be done. The bastard.

Anyhow. If you read this Mr Ryan, thank you for your work and kindly piss off.

I’m nothing if not honest.

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2 thoughts on “Damn you, Anthony Ryan

  1. Well, color me intrigued! I looked up the book and it has a very impressive rating from Goodreads, as well. Might be another one to add to my “Buy/Read One Day” list. And I’ll definitely check out the preview if iBooks has one for it.

    And I can definitely relate. It seems like reading others’ work can be a highly effective way of making myself feel lacking, heh.

    I already kinda feel that way about the anthology I’m getting ready to submit a short story to. With the writers I’ll be featured alongside if I get on, part of me is worried that my work will look so amateurish next to theirs. But on the bright side—and this outweighs the worry right now–I figure that even if people find my story underwhelming, they’ll still be happy with their overall purchase because of the other writers’ stories.

    1. you goose, I’m sure your story will be perfect. Really.

      the book is good, I’m on the third of the series. He’s the first writer in a long long time to measure up to Robert Jordan. I’m not a big fan of some of the content, it could have been handled better, but overall he’s done well.

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