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Blast it all, writers write. My book is likely terrible. I shall love it anyhow and finish my story. I am finished with the wallowing, thank you very much. I am resigned that even if no one likes it or gets it, I’m finishing what I started.

I’m off to write the sequel to Sorrowfish.

I’ll only tell you the working title for now.  Seeker’s Doom.

What’s next? Well my long-suffering editrix® is reading my draft then giving me direction for my rewrite. While she is doing that, I’m writing book two. I won’t publish or submit this stuff for publishing till I have the first drafts for books 2 and 3 done.

I don’t want these books set in stone and then have to go back and adhere to something published when I really need to change it. I’m a pantser. My characters all laugh at my outlines (especially Noorie and Tabor) and merrily run off and destroy them. But yes, I do outline.

I may send something to the L. Ron Hubbard contest. I’m thinking about it.

Here are my issues with that contest.

First off, they like stories with political statements. I’m not about that. The one that won last year was one of those. If that’s their jam, ummmmmmmm. No.

I did think about writing a satire of such things, just to see if it would win, but decided that I was being mean-spirited. I’m resisting the urge.

Secondly, I don’t want to deviate from the story I’m working on and I don’t think I can fit this into novella format, even a piece of it. But that’s going to be the question as I write Book II. If part of it works, honestly works, then I’ll send it.

I thought about expanding my flash fiction. I still want to expand it but don’t want to lose my focus or get caught with two huge stories in my head. I can see the shadows of that story trying to take shape and simply don’t have the energy or time to do both. It has to wait.

Other stuff. I took a friend who visited me around Louisville a few weeks ago and gave her a tour of my local settings. My prince of a husband said I should do the same here on my blog and post pictures of the places in the story. I will do that soon.

A new little feature for my blog, I’ll answer a few questions people have asked me. Here are a couple.

Will Sara be in the the next story?
Yes. And she is still one of the main characters. Sorrowfish had a lot of emphasis on her and the next book will put more emphasis on one of the other two main characters.

Is Bastien a faisant?
Gee. What a cool idea.

Do the gnomes caps really move?
Yes. Think of them like a tail on a cat. But yes. And yes, they can remove them.

Hahahaha that’s enough. If you’re an alpha reader or read this on Wattpad and have a question, tweet me or post a comment. I’ll try to answer. I have tried to make the updated link available to you, if you do not have it, email me or post here.

My alpha readers have a group (for those who weren’t completely tech challenged) and I’ll open the beta readers group when I’m done with my rewrite. If you want to be added, fill out the form. Follow the link in the menu under “Do you want to be a Beta reader?” I’m not doing a beta readers group, will likely just do a Facebook group for those who like the book and want to talk about it.

Sorry I wallowed. Seriously. I refuse to let the shadowkin eat me. I shall publish these, no matter what.

Personal note. I’ve been learning to play violin so that I can write about music more authentically.  This week I finally got the hang of slurs. It was exciting for me.

Have a great weekend.

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