I think I mentioned the Resistance that comes when you try to create something. It’s hit me hard as I’m editing this book. Everything that could go wrong has. I talked about it in The Avalanche of Battles and Stab it with a Fork.

So today I wanna talk about another thing that can come up. Pressfield talks about it a little bit in the War of Art. Other people who mean well and sabotage you. Or maybe they don’t directly sabotage you, but they send you negative energy. It’s a thing.

Christians believe in spiritual warfare. Envy is not exactly warfare, but the envy of others can open doors for the nasties. Have you ever posted some happy thing on social media and for no reason, felt a diminishment of joy? Or a sense of uneasiness? For no reason.


Worse, have you ever wanted to post just to provoke envy in others? To show off? How about becoming envious of someone’s accomplishment or post rather than admiring and celebrating with them?

This stuff is poison and it’ll eat you. And it’s almost part of the culture now. It’s going to cause harm.

So confess and repent if needed. Forgive others. Extend the love of God, extend a blessing to anyone in your circles who has been on the giving or receiving end of envy. It’s so destructive. malicious and is another category where we can be tripped. I had to confront myself a lot yesterday on this. I know many of my issues have stemmed from this. Am excited to see a breakthrough in this place from now on.

RansomedHeart.com has a four part podcast on this. I recommend giving it a listen.





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