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Yes, I’m going to be on TV. The show is called Fairytale Access and it is on multiple stations throughout the country as well as being broadcast on YouTube. So that is fun! I have a lot of interviews and podcasts coming as well in the next few months. All good things.

ETA: LINK IS HERE! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ZtHxuZCBO0

So I’d really like to move on my second book. I’d like to finish it. I have written today but it’s like pulling teeth. I have a lot going on in my day job and I’m behind. I hate being behind. I have not had time at all this week to write. By the time quitting time hits I literally am so shredded all I can do is throw something on for dinner and collapse in front of Stargate. So I promised myself I would take today and focus on writing.

Molasses. It’s slow as molasses. But the words ARE coming and I’m so grateful for that.

I also have a lovely book about dragons I’ve been reading. I will try to post more about it soon, but if you’re interested? Go check out Heartscale by Lola Ford. Very worth it. I have an author interview with Lola I will posting soon. After my numerous day job projects are finished!

Let’s see, what else? My friend Patrick Sampire who is amazing, is up for a Booknest award and you all need to go vote for him right now. RIGHT NOW. His book is a wonderful sword and sorcery story and I wrote about it here. Vote. Then read. You’ll be glad you did.

Ok, back to it. Dane just entered the Wyn Aerie and things are heating up.

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