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I do a lot of research and looking at photos to write description. I got to read a lot of fun tweets during #CampNanoAdvice today and discovered that I’m not alone there. I’m also a developer and designer so I thought I might share tools you other writers would enjoy using.

DuckDuckGo is actually my go-to search engine. Since Google started to care more about sales than good info, this has been invaluable for me. Recommended. lets you visit places you haven’t been before. Panoramio shut down, but fear not fellow map geeks! You can see plenty of street level goodness here that isn’t available elsewhere. Check it out!

Ok, this isnt helping my word count and my longsuffering editor actually made me work on her website today! aigh! I gotta go write, now, for Camp. So there are a couple cool tools and I hope they help you.

Keep your software updated!

Later Taters.



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