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Ok, I do a lot of interviews but this one was special. Ryan Meier, who wrote The Kept King, and I sat down for a chat about Tolkien and eucatastrophe. Eucatastrophe is near and dear to my heart. I have talked about it before. It is more than a happy ending. It is an ending which plucks the characters from the jaws of defeat to allow for an ultimate victory in a way which satisfies the heart. Like Gollum saving Frodo at the end of the LOTR (which is the big eucatastrophe in Tolkien’s epic.) I think eucatastrophe is important and I think it is missing from much fantasy these days.

Anyhow. I had a great time with Ryan. Visit his website at And give his book a read! It is a great fun and well worth it. For more fun and informative interviews go to

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