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I spent all day reading about chivalry.

I do this. When I’m writing I need to explore until I find the PERFECT THING. So today I spent all day searching for Gawain and and the Green knight and chivalry and courtly love and Trystan and Iseult. I needed to find the right test of honor. The closest I got to it was the test of chivalry Gawain went through with the Green Knight. Not good.

Also if you are googling, make use of the advanced search features. They’ve seriously gone downhill. I used DuckDuckGo mostly.

I cried. I prayed. I sucked. I couldn’t find it.

I was severely afraid I’d lost my mojo.

And at 11:56 pm, I saw two magical words.

Kobayashi Maru.


Star Trek, for those of you not from a galaxy far far away.

It’s a test for starship captains. The simulator puts you in an impossible situation. You can’t win unless you cheat. Cheat or die. That’s the test.

Perfect. It works. It’s brilliant actually.

Now I just gotta put it in Canard.

Super stoked.

OMG I cannot wait to finish this book.

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