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So I sent my latest recordings off to my coach. Ron is a saint, honestly. And he came back with bad news. My voice was still too quiet. I adjusted the gain and sent it back to him. Better! It was better. So I’m pretty sure I could have kept going.

But… I realized I have been trying to do this for a year. A YEAR.

And I am just …tired. I have a lot more writing to do. And I’m giving my energy to this. So I finally decided to give up. I put my book out there for auditions on ACX. At first it was a kind of….”Let’s see what happens.” But then I started to hear some really good stuff. I realized maybe I could direct someone.

I got a LOT of auditions. A LOT.

It made me feel good, that so many people wanted to record the book. Honestly, everyone had certain things I really enjoyed. It was really, really tough to choose. This was a HUGE decision. But one person got Sara exactly right. So that’s who I went with.

So, Kae Marie Denino will be voicing my book. She is an Audie nominee and a top voice for Findaway Voices. She has done over 40 audio books. I think she might be part elf. She lives in Ohio, not too far away from me, and I hope I get to meet her in person.

She is very busy, as you might expect from an amazing talent, so it will be a little while before the book is done. But that is okay. I’ll wait. I’ll only be a little impatient. You can visit her website here to hear her voice.

And she’s got hours of crappy audio files done by me to use as reference if she wants them.

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