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I wrote about 15k words and got about 10k in notes done before holiday projects for the day job struck me down like an avalanche. It certainly felt like an avalanche. Note to self: people who do online retailer support for a living can’t do much else in November.

So yeah, I don’t think I’ll do Nano again. I’ll do Camps but not the actual November thing. Setting myself up for failure is not a hobby.

The things I did get out of it? I found out an alarming number of writers in Louisville also figure skate. As a former competitive skater myself, this felt like an extremely bizarre coincidence. I found the Zaba Cafe, a lovely place to write and actually wrote in a coffee shop. Had never done that.

And I think I’m outlining a little. Don’t tell the Longsuffering Editrix®, I don’t want to get her hopes up.

Right now it looks a bit like this:

Dane meets theo -quest

Magic lessons

Bronwyn in the city waiting for tabor -tournament-plot

Dane/bell/theo go to town get attacked by afanc

Dane goes to draig

Dane goes to fells

Shadowborn unleashed

Dane goes to forge

Tournament starts

Gisle enters tournament

Gisle fights

Siles fights

Master Terre fights

Court ball

Dane goes to Merrow

Pryf begin their revolt

Dane goes to Fens

Plague starts

Trystan stops the plague

Strategy – stones game or big chess board?

Dane goes to ynadon

Test of character

Coronation ball

*too big a spoiler for me to put on my blog so we’re editing it out*

Dane goes to Equis

War begins


hey now. I gotta start somewhere.  It’s a beginning.

So I’m calling it a success but not a win.

I think I’m despairing and discouraged and more than a little overwhelmed by life. I hope things get a little less taxing.

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