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On my mystical writing journey, I’m doing ok. Not fantastic. I don’t have a ton of money to throw into book promo. But respectable. I’m a prawn for all you 20booksto50k’ers out there. Hopefully I will only go further from here.

One really nice surprise I got today, I’m on the front page of Lorehaven. That’s fantastic. My book isn’t meant to be “Christian” but there are some Christian themes and of course it has a Christian worldview. I hope anyone can read it and enjoy it. But it is very clean. And my Storm King certainly has an analogue to Christ.

I’m not a fan of grit and grimdark. I despise GoT. Yuck.

So this month I get my Kirkus review, which, if it isn’t terrible, you all will see. I also have another book blogger review coming from the Book Dragon. I have a featured post scheduled on Reddit Fantasy on October 9. I’m working on setting up book signings in Louisville. And then there’s the 5+ people who have my book downloaded who haven’t read it yet. I don’t go check Goodreads daily to see if you’ve made progress. I swear. LOL.

Anyhow, that’s the update.

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