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Some of you know I’m working with Long-Suffering Editrix® twice a week. Cheryl is a mentor, a coach, a cheerleader, sometimes a mommy and a kick-ass editor. I’m very thankful to have her in my corner. Even when she makes me think too much. Which is often.

For instance, my homework this week is to outline the whole darn series. She’s contended for a while that Sorrowfish is more than one book and I have this funny feeling she’s going to tell me that the series isn’t a trilogy. Cheryl is a dev editor. She makes me think about things like plot holes. Pacing. She won’t talk about them. She is only interested in filling in her worksheets. LOL. But I do think about them.

Of course thats why we’re doing this.

Now the thing is I had to go read quite a bit to even be able to work with her. I had to understand the basics so I wouldn’t get anxious and drive her nuts. Self-editing for me is a little bit like trying to do self-open heart surgery. I don’t recommend it.

Anyhow. Book 2 is outlined and I’ve explained to her that I’m a pantser and this will change. I won’t stick to it. But that’s ok. It’s something. Now I’m gonna outline book 3.

I kinda think I’m gonna have to draft all of them before I put out the first book. Scary. Especially since now I’m pretty sure I’m rewriting over half of book one. Oh well. I’ll keep trudging.

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