So. One more piece of the getting-my-indie-book-into-the-Library puzzle put together. I need a PCIP Block.

I think I do anyhow. According to this guy, who seems very knowledgable, I don’t.

A PCIP block is a publishers cataloguing in publication and they cost around $100 if I pay someone for it. BUT. I have already had my book put into a library. So wouldn’t that mean they had to catalogue it? Can’t I just use that?

Apparently the librarians don’t want to catalog the book. It’s extra work and scootches the book down to the end of the process-this-pile. I get it. I really do. I suspect the truth is somewhere in the middle. If my book becomes super popular, people will buy it. No matter what.

Of course, getting it into libraries and bookstores would make becoming super popular, easier.

But the lady who just tried to sell me a marketing program for $3k said I needed one!


The indie writer thing is hard.

In other news. I plan to finish my first draft of book two by the end of April. Don’t get all excited. I will still have to edit it and that took FOREVER last time. But still. It’s a thing.

And my audiobook is progressing. slowly but surely.

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