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Ok, so I have some good news and some bad news. Bad news first. I’m not done yet. I wrote as much as I could but I had to go back and change a lot. I took out a character and merged her with another character. I also am rewriting a whole section. I really want these books to be special so I will not compromise on my writing of them, even though I’m pretty impatient to have it done. But the good news is, I’m writing. I was stalled for a good long while, trying to figure out some things. This solves my problems and I’m plugging away again.

I also was supposed to have a 5 day writing retreat in November in Vermont. It got pushed back because I live in a red zone and couldn’t travel. Thanks COVID! And my book signing I had scheduled for January has also been pushed back because COVID. I’ll let you all know when it’s back on.


The Spanish version is coming! I’ve been working with a beautiful translator and a lovely amazing beta reader to get my book out to the Spanish speaking community. The book has now been fully translated and my beta reader is busy checking it now. It will be out soon!

Alondra, my translator, deserves a medal. She had a lot to deal with because so many of my words didn’t translate well. She is amazing and if you ever need a translator, hit me up. I know a great one!

Did you know Spanish people don’t use quote marks in their text? I didn’t.

They use em dashes.

Anyhow. So yeah we have some reformatting to do after the beta reader checks it. But the hard stuff is done. I’m really happy with it.

That’s all for now. Muah.

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