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This is my scene map. The thing right now that I’m doing is filling in the “issues” column and then notes from Critters on plot/structure. (This method is explored fully in this book, which I highly recommend) 

It’s somewhat hellish. There are many issues.

Right now they’re ranging from…”Why is this character here?” to…”wow you were really just trying to plow through this and didn’t even TRY here. Rewrite it.”

Yes, its all going into the spreadsheet. Then I started a second scriv file for the rewrite. In some way, and this is irrational, I feel like once it’s written that’s just how it is and I can’t change it.

I fight that feeling every time I tackle this.

No this is iterative. It’s ok.

Anyhow.  There it is, evidence. I am actually working on these revisions, Jessica. 🙂

Oh and some important names have changed. Shand is now  Trystan (okay, I couldn’t get that stupid Triple X movie out of my head, had to change it again). I really hope this won’t mean he looks like Vin Diesel in everyone’s mind. The issue is that Pelegor has some very important cultural markers and names are one of them. It needed to be changed, Shand didn’t fit. I might change it again though just because the Vin Diesel thing bothers me. Wrong mental picture.

Also Darmon is now Modric. All my villains started with “D,” it was stupid.

The columns: the best one so far has been the timing thing. It’s made me aware of several issues. I must name my days and months so I can keep track of things. (worldbuilding, woot!) Also. It showed me a timing issue I need to resolve.

Longsuffering Editrix® has forbidden me to touch the actual manuscript. So I’m working on this scene map for myself. Then am filling my new scriv with short stories, where I think I have issues or questions. They’re going in a folder for source material.

See? I’m being good!




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  1. This is very interesting to see, Anne. I guess one day (when I’ve completed the last chapter of Shadow of the Past – a ‘trilogy’) I will need to go through something like that. Thanks for sharing!

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