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So we watched Kingsman 2 last night. Aaaaaaand their counterparts are in Kentucky. Making alcohol. So here in no particular order, are my reactions to their use of Kentucky as a locale.

1. It’s bourbon, not whiskey. Jack and coke is from TN, not KY.
2. We don’t wear cowboy hats unless there’s a rodeo to attend. Rodeo boys (and girls) are mostly on college campuses, it’s a sport there. There’s a circuit. Not a lot of them. Those people use lassos. You’re thinking Texas. Our cows live on smaller tracts of land. Also, we have trees, lots of trees and mountains in the east. There are likely more dressage riders here than rodeo. To put it in car terms, horses in a rodeo are like pickup trucks, they work. Most horses in KY are more like Ferraris, really fast and very expensive. The men who play bluegrass might wear cowboy hats on stage? But they can’t rope a steer.
3. We mostly only claim “the South” when we’re talking about the SEC. Look it up if you don’t know what that is. We also claim to be Southern when cooking. Otherwise? No. Kentucky was a border state during the War. We never seceded. We declared neutrality because Kentucky politicians can never agree on anything. And that hasn’t changed. Ever.
4. Basketball was not mentioned once. Unacceptable.
5. John Denver? really????????? omg. just stop. Bluegrass. Again, look it up. Country Roads even says “West Virginia” in the lyrics. That’s east of here. Different place. Actually now that I think about it, Cage the Elephant is a much better representation of Kentucky’s music scene.
6. Actors with ties to Kentucky. You couldn’t pony up for ONE to play opposite Colin Firth? Johnny Depp, George Clooney, Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Sean Young, Ashley Judd?
7. Most people using guns in Kentucky will be hunting. Hence, rifles. Not revolvers. The others are at the gun range with Glocks or for real fun? With machine guns.

Please dear screenwriters. Research does not mean you watch “Justified.”
That is all.

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