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In my book, there is a scene with my bad guy, Siles, where he sacrifices children. A beta reader did not believe that Siles was a bad guy. I ended that debate when I added the scene. But I also am passionately against the trafficking and slavery of children. Sexual abuse. Organ harvesting.

Today, I found out about Operation Underground Railroad. Tim Ballard. This guy is the real deal and I will give his organization a portion of my royalties and income until I no longer draw breath.

I know it is hard to face.

I know it is difficult to think about.

There has been a 5000% increase in this disgusting business in the past 3 years. You have to understand, it must be fought. I cannot go out and fight, but I pledge to donate.

God bless you Tim Ballard. I wept as I watched this video. There’s a movie coming out about his work. https://soundoffreedommovie.com/

Watch this video. Do something about it. Tim’s website is https://ourrescue.org/

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