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You may have noticed. I have weird dreams and sometimes write about them. I do not have dreams as weird as Sara’s. However last night was pretty close!

FUN FACT: A third of the Bible has to do with dreams, dreaming and interpreting dreams.

I thought that was mighty cool.

Anyhow. So I have been doing a study called Becoming a King which, although written for men, is pretty good. I’ve seen God working in my husband’s life and in my son’s life in the way Morgan describes. I think He works in women a bit differently. But I am enjoying the book.

You can get it here.

And one of the things Morgan says is that God doesn’t put you in a place you cannot handle. He will train you and prepare you for that place. I’ve seen that. He is often like Mr. Miyagi. We often do that whole “Wax on” and “Wax off” thing only to find we have developed muscle memory for a karate move. God loves to do stuff like that. We can see this in King David. David was around 14 years old when he was anointed king, but didn’t take the throne till he was in his 30s. He killed Goliath and played the harp for Saul and hid in caves before he got the crown. It was training. If we go into a situation untrained, we fall into temptation.

So God trains us.

So I started thinking about that. I believe God will eventually bring me success as an author. But what if I’m in training now? What if I need to be prepared for it? I was kinda looking back over my life. My life has been what most people would call a horrible warning. (I can’t claim to be a good example.) I was delivered and healed and set free, but it took a lot of prayers and time.

But the last thing on earth I want? Is to fall into temptation. I was anxious about it.

I’ve already fallen too much. WAY TOO MUCH.

Anyhow. So last night I dreamed about my life. I saw myself as a young girl and as a teen and as a young wife and mother and as a single mom. I felt like I’d dreamed an instant replay. This was my life. Yet the overwhelming message, I think, was “Look how far you have come.” It was really comforting. It gave me hope. I’m not going to be complacent. I know I can’t be. But it made me feel better.

Anyhow. If you want a book about women, similar to Morgan’s book? Try When the Heart Waits by Sue Monk Kidd. It’s very well done.

Have you had any weird dreams lately?

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