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You know, sometimes you just gotta go for it. I know I finished my first draft literally seven days ago. I know I’ve been in the throes of self-hatred. And you know what we do when stuck in a funk?

We jump into a new challenge! So I submitted to Pitchwars like an hour before the window closed. Whew.

Seriously, I need to revise this baby, what better way than to do so with a mentor?

ETA: realized I didnt send the latest revision of my chapter, likely not going to get picked. its ok.

So yes, I’m frantically editing. Luckily I’ve been editing as I go, and have had help with the first 2/3 of the book from numerous alpha readers and critters. It will be okay. And if it isn’t okay, it will still be okay.

I have a long-suffering editrix.®

Okay, so who did I pick on my mentor list? Well. It was hard. I went through blogs for hours. But I picked (in no particular order):

Catherine Scully because she is an illustrator and I think she might understand what I’m saying with my story.

Samantha Joyce because she said she loved magical creatures and hey! Check out mine! I’ve got lots of those!

Destiny Cole because she felt right. I can’t explain it.

and Monica Bustamante and Kerbie Addis because they came off to me as fascinating and because they seem to love fantasy.

Anyhow, just a thanks to all of them in advance for considering my not-so-little story. I’m going to edit all night in case somebody makes me send in the whole thing tomorrow. Firing up Pro Writing Aid now.

One thing I’m a little worried about. I went YA and I’m not sure people will understand why. I think it is YA, but my characters are all on the end of the spectrum. A little older. I just know what I read back when I was YA. I also am not dumbing down the language, and I know that’s a risk. I was on Wattpad though and had younger readers. Some of the teens complained, but a lot of them liked the big words. Meh. Not going to worry.

The query that I submitted:

Dear Mentor,

Choosing to defy the Conclave, Shand dan Tenkor sets out, risking capture and mind control in order to obtain a magical lute through a shadow network. Far to the north, a young luthier-wizard named Dane meets a sinister stranger and barely escapes with his life. Dane’s fate entwines with Shand’s. Both must follow the true Song or see their world destroyed.

Sara, a young sculptor in Louisville, Kentucky, dreams about a strange world every night, acting as an ethereal guide to Dane. Sara’s twin sister lies in a coma while Sara struggles to graduate with her degree in Material Arts. When a famous artist visits Sara’s senior practicum and offers the students an opportunity to win an internship with his studio, she pushes herself to create a meaningful piece. Instead she flounders personally and spirals into despair. Dane summons Sara fully into his world where she finds the courage to face herself and her relationships with her family. Using her gifts she helps her new friends and then returns home to sculpt a work that changes two worlds.

This work of portal fantasy fiction introduces the world of Canard, a place linked to our own earth through art and artists, with a magic system based on music. At 133,916 words, it’s a tale of gnomes, gryphons, dragons, magic, true love, bears, dreams, joy and a bit of bourbon.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best regards,

Anne C. Miles

I probably should have mentioned that I know I’ll have to cut this thing down. But again, not going to worry.

Also, and this is more on a personal note. I went hiking this weekend and kept on thinking about my gnomes and shadowkin the whole time. I’m not sure I got the forest right. I’ll rethink as I edit. But here are fun pictures.


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