Book Trailer


Play Stones

In the book there is a game called Stones which Bellin, Birgir and Harald play.
It's very popular in the North, though it is popular everywhere. The video game here isn't exactly the same. The actual stones game is based on a form of hnefatafl and is a 4 person game.  However this version is as close as I can get for now. I hope you enjoy it!

Test your memory!

Trystan and Dane have trouble sometimes holding on to the Song. This game is meant to help them practice.

How well can you retain the notes? 

Play the Song

The lute, a piano, drums and bells


These songs are all mentioned in the book. Enjoy!

Movie Misquotes 

You might not catch the reference to these quotes as most of them are silver screen. I couldn't find the scenes but have included links to the trailers instead where needed.

Listen to theme

(Thank you again for each kind thought, follow, smile and share.) May you always hear the Song.
Sorrowfish book cover