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Hi guys! Some of my readers have asked how they can help spread the word about Sorrowfish, my debut book. So I collected favorite quotes from my awesome advanced readers. These are now images which you can quickly share. Share your favorite on Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter!

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'Tis pleasant to be a peasant.The world shifted. Emptiness yawned beneath Trystan's feet. Faces stretched into death masks with glowing eyes.Bell's mouth twitched. For a moment, Dane thought she might laugh, but her mouth settled into a grim line. She stood, marched toward the kitchen, and out the door to the alley outside. Whoops followed them, along with shouts of encouragement, toasts, and offers of physical protection for Dane. He hoped that wasn’t a bet being laid in the corner. Sara’s most saccharine tone oozed out, automatically, a normally nonexistent Southern drawl rising to the surface.
'Bless your heart.' The moon was full. The Wyrm's Eye was open. Aric snorted softly to himself, imagining the Wyrm's gaze upon him. The game is not a game. You get to know a man's mettle two ways. Swords and stones. You're a thinker, you are. And cautious, but smart. How you play a game is how you live. You'll do well enough on your own. Pezzik released her pain into the sky, like a dove. She would do this many times over the next weeks, sometimes many times an hour. It was not her first war with rage. Tonk and Bolly were planting itching powder and nettles in the boots, pillows, and beds of every Cantor and acolyte in Dohnavur. Can believing a lie make it true? He sang the last phrase of the Lorica's refrain. Absolute silence fell. No wind, no whisper touched Dane. The stillness was absolute. Only then did it occur to Dane what he had actually done. Sorrowfish is a word from the Lorica. It's in a refrain. The Lorica always speaks to the heart things too deep for words. She tumbled with him, in space, surrounded by stars. The stars were singing, a song without words. Sara's heart leapt into her throat. She choked. Sara held up her hand to wave and gasped. It was transparent. She was fading, but a thin veneer of darkness surrounded her arm. She looked down. Darkness flowed over her fading body like a skin. Shadowkin.
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