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My big project at work will be finished tomorrow. And a new big project has presented itself, which is wonderful and exciting. And somehow I have to finish an audiobook before I start the new big project. So between Tuesday, the 7th and the 15th, I’m recording and finishing this puppy. Then I have to edit the audio and get it ready for Findaway Voices. I want it live by January 31st.

Everyone is asking me about Book 2. I’m working on it, but honestly, I took a break in December because holidays and the day job. I’m ready to go back to it. Encouraged. I love hearing that someone has stayed up late reading Sorrowfish. I’m hearing it more and more and that makes me really happy. I love the story.

And I have a real live Barnes and Noble book signing on the 25th! From noon to 2 at the Plainview B&N in Louisville. So if you get the chance, come and say hi. I’ll be the one sitting next to a gargoyle, with a big smile.


My big project is not finished because I caught the plague. I won’t be recording anything either till it’s gone. Sigh.

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