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So if you want to get your feet wet in publishing, a cool resource is here. 

You’ll find places to submit your short stories and some good contests. The list is geared toward SFF authors. I’m going to be working on eight short stories for contests and such, not sure if I’ll submit them. The plan I have is below.

  • a story about Sung Steel
  • a story about Sara and Marilla
  • a story about Odranoel
  • a story about Gisle
  • a story about an AR game
  • a romance story
  • a short mystery story
  • a short sci-fi story

Update on me

Am now actively meeting twice a week with Long-suffering Editrix®. Hopefully we can break my book down and get it out there without too much bleeding.

I also have my own revision list going, doubt I’ll ever use it. But in an effort to keep from destroying all the hard work by LSE® and to not dive in to the revision straight away, I’m tinkering with book 2. You can read it on Wattpad till its done.

In other news, I have been in the ER sporadically, am working on staying out of it. My laptop and call phone are back, one repaired, the other replaced. Hopefully the storm that descended on me is passing. I’m not going to give up until this is finished.

Cool stuff I read last week

Shamanistic writing. I found the phrase last week in reference to the way Tolkien and Lewis wrote and it’s a pretty accurate description of my process as well. It makes editing and revising difficult. Have decided to try shamanistic editing. We’ll see what happens.

Stuff I read:
Thread on Tolkien’s process at Reddit

The shamanistic creative process of Tolkien

Thats all for now. Hoping to finish my own personal edits by the end of May. Don’t tell LSE®. She will have a fit. lol…


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