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I walked into an actual bookstore. An independent bookstore, yesterday. It’s one of my favorites. Carmichael’s Books in the Crescent Hill neighborhood of Louisville.

And I bought a hardback volume of How to Stop Time.

I haven’t bought a hardback at full price in a while. Not from a bookstore, where I’m standing at the checkout. I can’t help feeling obligated. If I’m there it’s like the offering plate in church. I can’t not pitch up. So I bought it.

I started reading last night. I went to bed and the dog woke me at 4 am. I got up and read. I went back to bed, woke up late. And finished the book.

It’s really good.

The story is about a man with a condition, he ages about 1 year for every 15 that passes. He’s over 400 years old as the book begins, in the present day. It flashes back telling of his life and love and failures and tragedies and successes. It had poetry and romance and philosophy and a lot of heart.

I loved it.

Now. More importantly, the way it was structured was vital for me. Because Matt Haig did what I’m trying to do. He’s telling a story set in this world but then alternating between this world and the main character’s past history, with flashbacks. In my book Sara is in this world but alternating to the other world she also lives in when she dreams. I nearly threw the book and yelled, “That’s IT!!!” when I was done. Because the way he wove it together is very similar to what I’m going for.

I never would have found it had I not been browsing a real bookstore, real shelves. I feel like dancing.

So let this be a lesson unto you. Guys. Go hit up your local bookstore this weekend.

If you’re in town, hit Carmichael’s.





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