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I’ve been writing, but not like I wanted to. Now I’m writing full force again. My marketing is in place for the first book, I’ll let it run and keep going. If I can get book 2 finished and out, I’ll be much better off. So where am I?

Good question.

I have an outline for the series and prequel. But as I’ve mentioned, they suck the creativity from me. So I’ve decided to write into the dark. I know some things and those have gone into a list. But basically, I’m just pantsing. Merrily. That is what works for me.

In Heartfire, Dane goes after the refrains of the Lorica. The Lorica isn’t just these refrains. He’s only getting a few lines each time. He’ll recover the whole thing, eventually. Sara is working for Bastien and is now Peter’s girlfriend and Dane’s faisant. How her power works now that she has the bond is something to explore.

There’s more of Trystan in this too. We see his relationship with Esseylte and his brother Marcus. We get to see Mos Tevis. We see a lot more of the world, the other types of Chymaera, and meet more of its inhabitants.

Basically, there’s a lot going on. Sorrowfish took me a year to write and two years to edit (rewrite). I have no idea how long this will take me, but I’m 36k words in and having fun so far. I’m not doing a two year edit again. A lot of that was learning curve. Now that I have done one, I know how to do it. Hopefully it will be quicker.

On the book launch front, now my preordered paperbacks are going out, I’m seeing some headway made. That’s exciting!

And I have a very, very special First Reader who will be reading it. I’m thrilled to see what he thinks.

Last of all I got some books on audio recording and have downloaded Audacity and I think I finally have a handle on my audiobook. So I’m starting over again but this time, I feel confident with it. Well. Semi-confident, which is as good as it is going to get.

If Neil Gaiman can do it, I can do it. LOL.

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