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So, I’m writing.

This past year has been a challenge. It’s been full of pandemic. Trying to promote a book during pandemic is both easier and harder than it could be. It is easier in the sense that a lot of opportunities are virtual. I was ghost writing a book and that made writing my own book a lot more of a challenge. Now we are reaching the finish line on that project, I’m writing for myself more. I’m trying to do CampNano this month.

This week I’ll be at QuaranCon doing a reading at 1:15 pm EST. Fun! The links to all events are here https://www.quarancon2020.com/2021schedule

I was on Between the Covers last week. I should never, ever, watch myself on YouTube. I looked ridiculous. I scheduled a LONG overdue haircut for myself immediately after watching it. But the actual taping was fun. You can watch it here:

An excerpt from my book was included on Twimom’s blog. You can check that out here: https://twimom227.com/2021/04/sunday-snippet-sorrowfish-by-anne-c-miles.html

And then I’ve had a slew of author interviews and podcast appearances.

Here are a few of those!
BookGoodies https://bookgoodies.com/interview-with-author-anne-c-miles-2/

Fantasy Focus podcast
Catrin Russell author interview
Romelia Lungu author interview

I am also building web sites and designing logos and working on finishing watching Stargate. I’m deeply into SG-1 and trying not to hate the Wraiths too much on Atlantis. Anyhow between doing all this I am writing more.
I hope you all had a lovely Easter.

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