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One of the wonderful things about writing is the ability to create worlds, a fact Tolkien noted when he wrote his mythology. He referenced this obliquely when speaking of his Valar and their role in creation. But the idea was that this creation was a “concreation” or a “creating with.” And it allows us as believers to uniquely participate in the life of God.

I love this idea and in the same moment I think about the responsibility that places upon us. Constant conscious communication with Christ. Or else we might fall indeed into profanity, unwittingly.

I’ve had to do a lot of wrestling with how things work between Canard and Earth in these past weeks. Mind-numbing, exhausting work. Yes I know what faisant are but how does their power work exactly? What is the Song?  How does one get to be like Sara?  What is the link between the faisant and the Majisterium? And then how does the evil work?

But most of all, how do I represent all of this in a way that doesn’t oppose my own theology, but complements and enhances it?

My editor asked me if I would write about angels and I explained that I am writing about them, The Cyntae. However, she wants me to write using the “Christian mythology” and directly write about them someday. Trying to explain that I really don’t want any of them upset with me (because I actually believe in them) was entertaining. I pointed her to the book of Jude.

But the fact remains that even though I’m veiling the references, I’m still walking on hallowed ground. I still have to fight through this and write something that could be true, as I see it.

I’ve fought my way through Tolkien’s essay on fairy stories (worth doing) and am now reading The Flame Imperishable. It’s helping. But this is truly wrestling with gods.

May I only hear the voice of the One true God and write within His will. Amen.

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